Have you experienced hurt, abuse, or trauma at the hands of the church or its leadership?

Do you want to stop feeling hurt, isolated, alone, or even crazy?

Do you want to learn to give language to your pain and hurt? To discover a path through the pain to healing and wholeness? Are you looking for a community of people who will hear and understand you?

Learn how to manage your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule with the Broken to Beloved Summit! 

The 2023 Summit has closed. An All Access Pass is available with lifetime access to all recorded sessions.

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3 Days of Speakers Validating Your Experience and Moving You Toward Healing and Wholeness.

Hello, Wounded One.

➔ Do you wonder if you'll ever find a safe space for faith again?

➔ Do you get frustrated when you just want someone to hear your story without being given a scripture or promise of prayer?

➔ Do you feel you stuck with old triggers and carrying the pain of your past?

➔ What if you could gain practical steps to move forward with your faith and life?

Summit Speakers

Featuring authors, therapists, coaches, creators, and more:


Suzanne Stabile
Suzanne Stabile

The Enneagram & Trauma

author | podcaster

The Road Back to You

The Enneagram Journey podcast


David Gate

Caring for Individuals and Nurturing Community

poet | writer


Kate Boyd

An Untidy Faith

author | Bible teacher | podcaster

An Untidy Faith


Jenai Auman

Wholeness Through Art & Story

writer | artist

Letters for the Wilderness newsletter


Casey Bain, LPC
& Kendra Hill, LPC

What Is Religious Trauma and How Can You Heal?

therapists | coaches

Unraveling Free

@unraveling free

Mike Brown

The Space Between

author | pastor | director


The Family Table


Deanna Harrison

Forced Termination: The Silent Epidemic

founder & executive director

The Pastor's Hope Network


Ryan Ramsey

Advocating for a Healthy Faith Community

writer | chaplain | advocate

Fleeing Tarshish newsletter


Jessica Fadel

The Need for Deeper Tending

writer | creator



Justin McRoberts

A Natural Posture of Belovedness

author | coach | musician


Laura Barringer
Laura Barringer

A Church Called TOV


A Church Called TOV


Kayla Felten

Spiritual Abuse Recognition & Recovery

co-founder | psychedelic therapist

Reclamation Collective


Amy Wicks

The Wholehearted Healing Journey

coach | podcaster | author

Simply Wholehearted podcast


Ben Sternke
& Matt Tebbe

Faith After Deconstruction

pastors | authors | coaches

Gravity Leadership


Laura Howe

Why Mental Health Matters in the Church

founder | CEO

Hope Made Strong


Dr. Janyne McConnaughey

The Impact of Trauma on Faith and Spiritual Practices


Trauma in the Pews


Kristen Humiston

Ministry Trauma: A Family Perspective

coach | trauma healing facilitator & trainer

The Ministry Wife Coach


Michael Lecy

Trauma-Informed Theology

podcaster | story teller | spiritual companion



KJ Ramsey

Embracing Our Belovedness

author | trauma-informed therapist

The Lord Is My Courage


Shannan Martin

Turning On (and Toward) the Lights

author | neighbor

Start With Hello | The Ministry of Ordinary Places


Sara Billups

Orphaned Believers


Orphaned Believers


Erin Hung

The Portal of Creativity


#AtoZofTraumaRecovery project


Carl Binger

Emotionless Leaders

LMHC | author

The Progressive Darkness: For the Christian Losing Hope in Depression


Katherine Spearing

Encountering an Abusive Church After Experiencing an Abusive Family

writer | podcaster

Uncertain podcast, Tears of Eden


Clifton Roth

Defining Grief

executive director

CrossPoint Ministry


Lauren Noullet

Spiritual Direction: Companions for the Journey

Spiritual Director

Wellspring Lane



Meet Your Host

Hi, I'm Brian! I'm a pastor, Enneagram coach, and speaker.

I'm also a fellow spiritual abuse and religious trauma survivor.

After a three-peat of spiritually abusive environments at the hands of self-ignorant and sometimes toxic leadership, it was time to step away from those places for my health and sanity. To quote one of my favorite movies, "I have seen enough to know I have seen too much." (Bonus points if you know the reference.)

Thanks to a few years of counseling and the compassionate witness of others, I've started processing my history of carrying 10+ years of the C-PTSD that came with my experience with spiritual abuse and religious trauma as a pastor.

I discovered my own agency and finally felt empowered to make choices for myself, rather than taking a passive role in my own story.

Today, I'm honored to be your host and guide through the process of moving through the pain and grief of our stories toward healing and wholeness.

You may be broken, but you are also beloved. And there's room for you here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Expect...

  • Find a safe space to feel seen and understood

  • Hear from experts, trusted voices, and compassionate guides

  • Gain clear language to name your experience and discover a path forward

  • Learn to shift your identity from broken to beloved

What Are You Waiting For?

Take a step to claim agency over your life and be empowered to move forward!

Hear from experts, authors, therapists, and more on taking your next steps toward healing and wholeness. Listen to their collective wisdom and receive the grace that comes from knowing you are seen and beloved.

Join us from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule with the Broken to Beloved Summit! 

The 2023 Summit has closed.