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Thurs, Sept 26, 2024

For pastors and church leaders to help increase awareness around the systemic issues that knowingly or unknowingly perpetuate spiritual abuse and religious trauma within a faith context.

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Fri, Sept 27, 2024

For those who have been wounded by the church and her leaders and want to find a safe place to discover community and practical tools to move toward healing and wholeness.

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This is a space for the broken and hurting.

For those who feel like wanderers in search of a safe place to land. For those who feel cast aside or cast out by institutions and systems of faith. If you've ever experienced hurt or harm at the hands of the church or her leaders, then this is a safe space for you.

This is a place to discover a path toward healing and wholeness.


exists to help victims and survivors of spiritual abuse, religious trauma, and church harm and to offer practical pathways toward healing and wholeness by providing resources for recovery. We also work to raise awareness and create safeguarding measures for pastors, leaders, and churches who want to build healthy, trauma-informed environments.


It's a place for those who have experienced spiritual abuse, religious trauma, or church harm to find safety and belonging.


We offer resources and programs for the wounded to find healing and wholeness, as well as awareness and safeguarding measures for leaders.


Broken may be how we feel, but it's not who we are. Our identity is rooted not in what happened to us, but. in our belovedness, which never changes.

We are 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

While we are proud of the programs we offer, we recognize that the individuals who usually need them most can't afford them because they've had to leave jobs and ministry positions.

By partnering with us, you’ll be funding scholarships, providing resources to create new programs and cohorts, and enabling us to operate in a sustainable way that ensures our work continues for years to come.

You can choose to give once, or to become a sustaining donor by choosing a monthly amount. No amount is too small or too large, and every donation makes a difference.

All donations to Broken to Beloved are considered charitable contributions and are tax-deductible.


Our programs include:

Book Club

Our ongoing online community meets regularly to read and discuss a new book.

Each month, the community will vote on the next month's book selection, hang out a virtual reading sessions, then meet to discuss our thoughts and takeaways.

Join for $7/month and cancel any time.

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Continued Conversations are a chance to engage with topics that continue to help move us toward healing and wholeness.

Join us for monthly live Zoom calls to learn from and engage with our guests. Each Conversation will begin with a short hosted discussion and teaching, and end with your chance to interact during a Q&A session. 

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The THROUGH Cohort is an 8-week program designed to help you name and identify your own experience, and move through your pain to discover and embrace your true identity as Beloved.

This Cohort runs 2‚Äď3 times a year and is limited to 12 individuals per cohort. For more information,¬†click here.

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Annual Summit

Join us for our multi-day virtual Summit offering practical pathways toward healing and wholeness.

Hear from from experts, trusted voices, and compassionate guides that help you gain clear language to name your experience and discover a path forward through your brokenness.

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Meet Brian

Brian Lee is a pastor, coach, and speaker. As a survivor of spiritual abuse and religious trauma, he has spent his time since leaving vocational ministry in 2021 working to provide recovery and resources for fellow victims and survivors.

He has worked with individuals, churches, teams, and denominational groups. He offers coaching in areas of recovery and healing from spiritual abuse, deconstruction and reconstruction, discerning how to stay or leave an organization, and more. He has also led team workshops, seminars, and trainings, and has facilitated mediations.

For more information on working with Brian, please complete the form below.

Based in Richmond, VA, Brian loves to go on mini-adventures with his family, exploring their neighborhood, community, and city with his family. As a coffee snob and addict, he could always use another cup.

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