Have you experienced hurt, abuse, or trauma at the hands of the church or its leadership?

Do you want to stop feeling hurt, isolated, alone, or even crazy?

Do you want to learn to give language to your pain and hurt? To discover a path through the pain to healing and wholeness? Are you looking for a community of people who will hear and understand you?

Learn how to manage your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule with the Broken to Beloved Summit! 

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Hello, Wounded One.

4 days of speakers validating your experience and moving you toward healing and wholeness

➔ Do you wonder if you'll ever find a safe space for faith again?

➔ Do you get frustrated when you just want someone to hear your story without being given a scripture or promise of prayer?

➔ Do you feel you stuck with old triggers and carrying the pain of your past?

➔ What if you could gain practical steps to move forward with your faith and life?

Summit Speakers & Schedule

featuring authors, therapists, coaches, creators, and more:


Suzanne Stabile
Dr. Chuck DeGroat, PhD, LPC

When Narcissism Comes to Church

author | therapist |  pastor

When Narcissism Comes to Church


Dr. Laura Anderson, LMFT

When Religion Hurts You

psychotherapist | coach | consultant | author

When Religion Hurts You


Geoff Holsclaw, PhD
& Cyd Holsclaw, PCC

Quieting an Anxious and Avoidant Faith

professors | pastors | authors 

Does God Really Like Me?

@geoffholsclaw | @cydholsclaw

Steve Cuss

Managing Anxiety and Being a Good and Godly Leader

author | speaker | podcast host

Managing Leadership Anxiety: Your and Theirs


Heather Gargis, LPC

Reclaiming My Body's Power

somatic trauma therapist


Nikki G

Religious Trauma and the Black Community

coach | speaker | podcaster



Jenai Auman

The Harm of Othering in the Church

writer | artist

Letters for the Wilderness newsletter


David Hayward

NakedPastor and What He's Up To




Emily Anderson

Safely Telling Your Story

writer | speaker | advocate

Shiny Happy People


Krispin Mayfield, LPC

Attached to God (and Detached from God)

therapist | author

Attached to God


Amanda Waldron, MSW

Faith After Deconstruction

faith deconstruction & reconstruction coach



Tiffany Bluhm

Prey Tell

author | neighbor

Prey Tell


Jerome Gay, Jr.

Deconstructing Church Hurt

pastor | author

Church Hurt


Katherine Spearing, MA, CTRC

The Stigmatized Single Person (and How to Thrive Anyway)

writer | podcaster

Uncertain podcast, Tears of Eden


Kate Boyd

Rebuilding Your Relationship with Scripture

author | Bible teacher | podcast host

An Untidy Faith


Rebekah Drumsta

Spiritual Identity Disruption

author | consultant | religious trauma advocate

When Family Hurts



Laura Barringer
Scot McKnight &
Laura Barringer

A PIVOT toward TOV

NT scholar | teacher | authors

A Church Called TOV


Suzanne Stabile

Deconstruction and Reconstruction

author | Enneagram godmother

Journey Toward Wholeness
The Road Back to You


JS Park

Grief, Loss, Crisis, Hope

hospital chaplain | author

The Voices We Carry


Wade Mullen, PhD.

Finding the Words to Describe Hidden Abuse

author | consultant

Something's Not Right


Dr. Janyne McConnaughey

Finding Post-Traumatic Spiritual Growth


Trauma in the Pews


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Meet Your Host

Hi, I'm Brian! I'm a pastor, coach, and speaker.

I'm also a fellow spiritual abuse and religious trauma survivor.

After a three-peat of spiritually abusive environments at the hands of self-ignorant and sometimes toxic leadership, it was time to step away from those places for my health and sanity. To quote one of my favorite movies, "I have seen enough to know I have seen too much." (Bonus points if you know the reference.)

Thanks to a few years of counseling and the compassionate witness of others, I've started processing my history of carrying 10+ years of the C-PTSD that came with my experience with spiritual abuse and religious trauma as a pastor.

I discovered my own agency and finally felt empowered to make choices for myself, rather than taking a passive role in my own story. With the launch of our Cohort and Summit, Broken to Beloved was born.

Today, I'm honored to be your host and guide through the process of moving through the pain and grief of our stories toward healing and wholeness.

You may be broken, but you are also beloved. And there's room for you here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Expect...

  • Find a safe space to feel seen and understood

  • Hear from experts, trusted voices, and compassionate guides

  • Gain clear language to name your experience and discover a path forward

  • Learn to shift your identity from broken to beloved


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