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The¬†suggested cost is $10¬†to register, but is¬†pay-what-you-want. If you can't afford it, just type $0 at checkout‚ÄĒif you¬†can¬†afford it, maybe pay a little extra to cover the cost for someone else! No matter what, I want to make these conversations as accessible as possible for anyone to join.

Upcoming Conversation:

MAY 2024

Fri, May 31 at 1p EST

Somatic Skills: The Mind/Body Relationship

Have you ever been taught that only your spirit is good and that your body (or flesh) is bad and evil?

This theology of gnosticism tried to separate spirit from body, and the effects have been harmful for centuries. Today, this looks like a disembodied faith, spiritual bypassing, repressing desires and needs, toxic shame, and more.

Using somatic work, we can learn to self-regulate when we're feeling anxious, triggered, activated, or overwhelmed. With intentional and mindful practices, we can find new ways to move forward toward healing and wholeness.


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APR 2024

Moving Forward in Faith

In this conversation, we talk with Deconstruction and Reconstruction Coach Amanda Waldron about different processes we can go through as we more carefully and critically examine our faith, or lack of it.


MAR 2024

An Asian American Perspective

In this conversation, we talk with Tell Me the Dream Again author Tasha Jun about the intersection of faith, identity, ethnicity, and belonging.


FEB 2024

An Embodied Faith

In this conversation, we talk with authors and Embodied Faith podcast hosts Geoff & Cyd Holsclaw about attachment strategies, how they affect our faith, and how to find hope and joy.


OCT 2023

A Pivot Toward Tov

In this conversation, we talk with authors Dr. Scot McKnight and Laura Barringer about a dream and vision for a church culture filled with goodness (tov) and practical steps toward it.


SEPT 2023

Theology of Disability

Join me as I talk with Jennifer Ji-Hye Ko (author, speaker, and Bible teacher) to reveal a theology of disability from which inclusion and accessibility naturally flow.


AUG 2023

Women in Ministry

Join me as I talk with Dr. Nijay Gupta (author and professor of NT) as we discuss a biblical defense for the role of women in ministry.


JULY 2023

Healing After Trauma

Join me as I talk with Dr. Jayne McConnaughey (author and trauma-informed advocate) as we discuss healing from trauma.


MAY 2023

Spiritual Direction & Therapy

Join me as I talk with Suzanne Stabile, Rev. Joe Stabile, and KJ Ramsey as we discuss the benefits of spiritual direction and therapy.


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