Episode 2: Embracing Death and the Hope of Wholeness with Lore Wilbert

grief liminal liminal space nature Jul 09, 2024

Death is not always the end.

In fact, it’s often a beginning and the doorway to a resurrection. Brian and Lore share the importance of embracing both death and life, the connection to nature, finding peace in the present moment, and navigating change and transformation. They also touch on the significance of liminal spaces and the process of shedding old layers to make way for new growth and discuss themes of grief, healing, and finding beauty in brokenness.

Episode Transcript



We can sort of want people to get through the death part really quickly, just get to the life part, stop talking about all the death, or we can just deny that the death is happening at all. And I just think it's really important to be able to hold both in tandem.

I think the thing that robs my peace so often is that I'm thinking about the future or I'm thinking about the past and I'm trying to put my feet back into a place or I'm trying to push my feet toward a place that they aren't there yet. This is where my feet are.

Instead of looking up and trying to like bypass that pain, look at where your feet are. How can you just tend to this place where your feet are?

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Guest Spotlight:

Lore is an award winning writer, thinker, learner, and author of the books, The Understory, and A Curious Faith. She’s written for She Reads Truth, Christianity Today, and more, as well as on her own site, She has a Masters in Spiritual Formation and Leadership and loves to think and write about the intersection of human formation and the gritty stuff of earth. You can find Lore on Instagram @lorewilbert or on her kayak in the Adirondacks.

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